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Reg 2

Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants in Reg 2:


  • Mrs Rothwell - Class Teacher.

  • Mrs Littler - Teaching Assistant.

  • Mrs O'Brien - Teaching Assistant.

  • Miss Hayley- Key Worker


This year in Pre-School Reg 2 we will be learning about...


In Pre-school we do not follow set topics instead, we like to follow the children's interests. We love finding out what the children already know and what fantastic things they would like to learn about. The children have lots of exciting ideas! Last year, we covered lots of topics such as; superheroes, space and dragons.


In Pre-School Reg 2 we like to go on lots of trips and visits!


We went on lots of trips last year such as:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Old Holly Farm
  • Chinese Restaurant

as well as lots of local walks to the park, shops and the library!

We like to choose our trips according to our topics, so watch this space!


Other exciting things that happen in Pre-school Reg 2...


  • Doodlesticks
  • P.E
  • ALPS
  • Weekly trip to the library
  • Enrichment weeks
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