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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Teachers and TA's

  • Miss Lodge

  • Mrs Duckworth

  • Miss Shufflebotham




This year in Year 1F we will be learning about:

  • All About Me
  • Hot and cold
  • To Infinity & Beyond!
  • Farmer, Farmer
  • People who help us
  • Holidays


Trips and visits:

  • Visit from john the governor to teach us about the past
  • We will also be having visits from various people who help us.
  • We love going to the ALPs to engage in outdoor learning


Other exciting things that happen in Year 1F:

  • We have a whole class rewards system called 'Reach for the stars' to promote positive behaviour. When the monkey reaches the top of the tree, we are rewarded with a class treat such as a film with snacks or a creative afternoon.
  • We also love to earn well done tokens and stickers for our positive attitude towards learning.
  • We have Westfield dollars for those children who bring in their book bags every day and who read at home to a grown up.  These dollars can be exchanged for prizes at a half termly tuck shop.



Homework: Maths and spellings sent home Friday


Reading should be done every night


Children receive well done tokens as rewards for completing the above.

Welcome to our website. ........ .Attendance for w/c 3rd July 2017... RW 96%, RF 97%, 1WF 91%, 1W 96%, 1F 90%, 2W 99%, 2F 90%, 3W 99%, 3F 97%, 4W 99%, 4F 95%, 5W 90%, 5F 97%, 6W 91%, 6F 93%. ** Whole School Attendance for w/c 3rd July 2017 was... 95%** ** Congratulations to RF, 2W, 3W and 4W for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**....