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Butterfly Room

We have been busy building on our skills these past couple of weeks. We have enjoyed lots of outdoor play helping us with our exploration and investigating skills. We have been taking photographs of each other using the children cameras, this had helped us with our understanding of the world development, finding out how to use equipment. 

We have been matching objects together putting lids on and opening and closing items we were so good at this it helped our problem solving skills and our fine and gross motor movements. 

We enjoyed world book day dressing up and reading lots of fantastic stories “bearhunt” is our favourite. Take a look at the past two weeks yes

This week we have explored new surroundings visiting the Alps located on the school grounds. This helps us develop our understanding of the world and investigation skills. Our focused activities aimed to develop our imagination and mark making skills, we made small world scenes using the dolls house, farm animals and dinosaurs this enabled us to play imaginatively, we also made marks in different materials- foam, glitter ,sand and cereal we used our fingers and tools to create different marks this will help us with our writing skills as we get older. 

We have also enjoyed building with construction toys, visiting the park and playing in water yesheart take a look...