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Friday 4th October 2019

In English we have been designing our own scary Gruffalo-like creature.  We have changed the colours of the characters fur, eyes, tusks etc to create a new character.  They were called scary names like a Puffalo, a Truffalo and a Huffalo.


In Maths we have been learning about ordinal numbers.  We have looked at using the language first, second, third, fourth and fifth.


In Science, we were sorting materials according to what they were made out of.  We talked about any similarities between the objects made out of the same material.  


In topic we read a story about some old toys.  We sorted toys we play with and old toys and discussed the differences. 

Here are some:

New toys: operated by electricity, made from colourful plastic and metals

Old toys: Battery operated or wind up, made from wood.


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Lodge and Mrs Duckworth.

*** School will re-open to all pupils from Monday 8th March. Please see your Weduc account for further information. ***