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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Governor Profiles



Names of Governors Type of Governor Current Term of Office Date of appointment (Original appointment) Appointing Board

Mrs Laura


Co-opted 03/07/19 – 02/07/23 03/07/19 Governing Board

Mrs Vicky


Co-opted 14/03/17 – 13/03/21 13/07/10 Governing Board

Mr Jimmy


Co-opted 03/12/15 – 02/12/19 03/12/15 Governing Board
Mr Neil Turner Co-opted 14/03/17 – 13/03/21 12/06/10 Governing Board

Mrs Sheila


Co-opted 28/03/19 – 27/03/23 28/03/19 Governing Board

Mrs Sharon


Co-opted 04/12/18 – 03/12/22 04/12/18 Governing Board
Vacancy Co-opted - - Governing Board
Mrs Jean Peet Local Authority 24/09/14 – 23/09/18 03/11/05 Nominated by Council and appointed by the Governing Body
Mr Tim Sherriff Headteacher 01/01/98 01/01/98 -

Mr Terry


Parent 01/12/16 – 30/11/20 01/12/16 Governing Board
Mrs Kim Bhathall Parent




26/03/19 Governing Board
Mrs Wendy Pennington Staff




13/09/18 Governing Board


Governor Profiles

Neil Turner - Co-opted Governor

 Responsibilities:          Chair of Governors


 Term of Office:           14/03/2017 – 13/03/2021


Neil was a councillor for the Pemberton area for over 20 years. In that time, he was a 

Governor of local schools. He became M.P. for Wigan in 1999 serving until 2010 during which

time he was, amongst other things, spokesperson for the Metropolitan Authorities Association. Upon retiring, Neil became a Governor at Westfield and is also Chair of Wigan and Leigh Homes, the Councils Management Company for its 22,500 council houses, and Vice-Chair of the Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust.


Jean Peet - LEA Governor

Responsibilities:          Vice Chair of Governors

                                 Chair of Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

                                 Special Educational Needs and Disability

             Headteacher Performance Management

             Chair of Start Well Advisory Board


Term of Office:           20/9/2018 - 19/09/2022


Jean has been a Governor for 11 years and a Governor of Westfield since the school was opened and has been Vice – Chair of Governors since 2014.She was previously a Governor at Pemberton Primary School and is also a volunteer ‘View and Enter’ panel member of Health Watch Wigan and a member of Girl Guiding UK.



Vicky Knowles - Co-opted Governor

Responsibilities:           Vulnerable Children & Safeguarding

                    Term of Office:            14/03/2017 – 13/03/2021


Vicky has been a Governor at Westfield for over 5years. Her role as a Nursery Manager has 

supported her role as safeguarding governor as she is the safeguarding lead in the nursery.

Vicky is a member of the Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee.



Jim Nicholson Co-opted Governor

   Responsibilities:    Attendance governor

Health and safety governance

Chair of pay committee

Vice chair Start Well advisory Committee

Term of Office:         03/12/2015 – 02/12/2019


Jim is now retired after working for H J Heinz for 35 years and has experience as a union official and, for the last 20 years, as a production manager with responsibility for health and safety and
budget setting etc. Jim has also served as a magistrate. His skills and experience will make a
valuable contribution to the work of the governing body.


Tim Sherriff - Headteacher Governor


                                            Term of office - 2005 to date


Tim has been Headteacher and  governor at Westfield since the school opened in 2005. 


Wendy Pennington - Staff Governor

                                       Responsibilities - My roles as staff Governor include safeguarding, link for                                            the Middle Phase and parental engagement.


                                     Term of office - 13/9/2018 - 12/9/2022


I have a wealth of experience working within special educational settings and within those who offer provision for Social Emotional and Mental Health.  I have worked at Westfield as Pastoral Manager since 2012, undertaking specific responsibility for Attendance and Safeguarding. 


Sharon Weetman - Co-opted Governor


                                     Term of office - 4/12/2018 - 3/12/2022


Sharon has been a governor since December 2018, bringing a passion for careers related learning and pupil progression to the role.  During 2019 she has also taken on the roles of Vice Chair of the Governing Board, with a lead on Quality of Education, and Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.  She is a member of the Institute of Employability Professionals, and has worked at Wigan Council for over 11 years in a range of senior roles, currently managing the borough’s employment and skills services and partnerships.

Reminder: School closes on Thursday the 21st of July