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London's Burning

The children of year 2 have recently being learning about the great fire of London. They made houses, shops and St Pauls Cathedral out of cardboard boxes and painted them. They were then assembled on the ALPS and set on fire. The children then emulated the residents of London at the time who formed lines to get water from the river Thames to the fire.
Welcome to our website... Attendance for w/c 7th October 2019... RW 90%, RF 96%, 1W 95%, 1F 93%, 2W 98%, 2F 92%, 3W 96%, 3F 97%, 4WF 96%, 4W 96%, 4F 95%, 5W 93%, 5F 96%, 6W 95%, 6F 92% ** ** Congratulations to 2W for achieving highest attendance. Well Done!**