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Year 4 Harvest Assembly

Mr Sherbourne, Miss Power and the children of year 4 produced an original and exciting production for the annual harvest assembly. It was obvious to all there that the children really enjoyed performing in the production. The timing of the children was slick and the singing was brilliant. The songs were based around the musical Grease, but with some modifications to reflect harvest time.

Please have a look at a video of the production by clicking here.
Welcome to our website... Attendance for w/c 15th July 2019... RW 94%, RF 96%, 1W 93%, 1F 93%, 2W 93%, 2F 97%, 3W 94%, 3F 90%, 3WF 97%, 4W 93%, 4F 92%, 5W 94%, 5F 94%, 6W 94%, 6F 90% ** ** Congratulations to 2F and 3WF for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**