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Year 5 and 6 at the Town Sports

By Callum and Ben.

Town Sports at  Robin Park Arena!!!


Yesterday, Mr Sherbourne took 18 children to Robin Park Arena, for the Town Sports. The first event was year 5s 200m race, which Dylan took part in for the Westfield boys. For the girls in Year 5, Rebecca completed the 200m alongside Dylan.


In year 6, Megan G did the throwing she was AMAZING! Apart from in one of the attempts, she threw it backwards…Unlucky!!! For the boys in year 6 Rangel threw TREMENDOUSLY well!!!



After that, for the year 6 girls Megan T took part in the 200m race… We can’t explain how fast she ran. Alongside her, was Callum he was BRILLIANT at running, just like Megan!!!


Bradley did a shocking 400m and ended up in … 2nd place! WOW!!! We were all SPEECHLESS!!!!And for the girls, it was Tamzin. Even though she hurt herself, she carried on RIGHT to the end!!!!


The last thing of the day was the relay race. First up were the girls: Morgan, Tamzin, Ellie and Megan T and they worked exceedingly hard together and they were an EXCELLENT team! After their race, was the boys’ relay race. In the team was Bradley, Ben, Callum and Rangel - they were the same as the girls ‘OUTSTANDING’!!!! At the end of the day everyone worked as hard as they could and did their VERY BEST!!!!!!


*** Attendance for w/c 13th January 2020... RW 96%, RF 98%,1W 95%, 1F 97%, 2W 95%, 2F 96%, 3W 97%, 3F 99%, 4WF 94%, 4W 95%, 4F 94%, 5W 97%, 5F 95%, 6W 97%, 6F 93% ** ** Congratulations to 3F for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**