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Sunflower Room


Well its that time of year again were we say goodbye to all our children moving onto Pre-school.  

What a fantastic year all our Sunflower children have had take a peek at their journey ........................coolcool

From everyone in the Sunflower room we wish you all the best of luck and we will miss you all. 

Claire, Robyn, Donna, Beth, Ashley, Jane, Vanessa, and Karen heartno


The children have had fun exploring the new park equipment .........


The children are very confident now at climbing up and down the stairs............. High five everyone!!!


Thank You to all the parents and children that completed the PIP project with Claire and Rachael.

Well done to all of you!!!! no no We hope you enjoyed it!!


The children have been going into the Pre-school outdoor area developing their physical skills on the climbing frame and using the bikes and cars. 


The children enjoyed having the opportunity going into Pre-school to hold and look at the baby chicks.


The weather was wet and windy so we took the opportunity for children to have fun puddle splashing. Even though the children got really wet they had lots of fun. 


During the May half term we changed our role play area into a building site for the children this was a huge success and the children have all enjoyed this learning experience.

Lots of fun and learning took place take a peek............


We celebrated Beth's 21st Birthday.....

Happy Birthday Beth


Learning through play...........


We celebrated George's 3rd Birthday with yummy cake. Happy birthday George cheeky


Water Play 


Water Play Fun!

The children have been using jugs, cups and water wheels to develop pouring and filling skills. they had lots of fun splashing in the water too.


With the weather being sunny and hot we've been doing lots of physical exercise.

Take a peak ...... 


We have started the daily toddle, this consists with us running and doing gentle exercise for 15 minutes everyday.

This helps us to stay healthy! frown

The children are getting really good well done!!!!


We have been developing our physical skills by pulling ourselves up onto climbing equipment and balancing along the benches within the hall. The children are growing in confidence and showing excellent climbing skills. 


The children have been experimenting with marks making.

Take a look at what marks and drawings they have been making....................... Super work Guys!!


April moved from the baby room into our room. She's settled in really well and is getting to know all the children and staff. Big high Five April no


During the half term we changed our role play area into a supermarket, so this weeks focused activity was to promote children within the supermarket to use their imaginations to pretend to go shopping, children also had the experience of walking to the local shops to buy goods which had a great impact within the role play area. 

The children was really engrossed take a look........


We had fun making yummy cakes cheeky 


Dinner time!! cheeky


Learning through play 

Reminder nursery will close for children who are term time on friday 31st March 2017and will re-open on Tuesday 18th April 2017.

The centre will be closed for Good Friday 14th April 2017 and for Bank Holiday Monday 17th April 2017.

Have a yummy easter cheeky


Scarlett celebrated her 3rd birthday this week and shared some yummy cake with all her friends. cheeky

Happy birthday Scarlett from all your friends in the Sunflower Room.


We said goodbye this week to two of our friends who have left us to start a new journey at pre-school.  Have lots of fun at your new school we will all miss seeing your beautiful smiles in the Sunflower Room. frownheart

Take a peek ..........


The children have been easel painting this week and enjoyed creating their own unique pictures.


Sunshine Fun laugh laugh


Parachute Fun!!! laugh


The children have been looking at their own reflections and were encouarged to point to their own features, then asked to create a picture.


This weeks focused activity was blow painting using straws because the children had so much fun bubble blowing within the water tray last week.

The chidren picked up the technique quickly and really enjoyed themselves.

 The children was introduced to a new experience this week- slide painting.......... frown

This was very messy but look what fun the children are having crying


During this week hall times the children have been learning to climb confidently and pull themselves up onto climbing equipment. 

Look what fab climbers we are ..................


The children have had a couple of busy weeks- for focused activites they have been developing their fine motor skills by threading cheerios onto pipe cleaners , and making connections between the marks they make by painting with objects from around the room.

They have also still been having fun with the outdoor water wall and the babies in the role play area, both areas have been a great learning experience for all the children. Also children have been learning to blow bubbles using straws in the water tray they had lots of fun.

Also this week the children came to nusrery wearing something red or with mad hair to raise money for Red Nose Day. Thank you to everyone for your donations and taking part.

We hope all you mummys/grandparents all liked your special cards the children made and had a relaxing Mothers's Day .  heartheart


Our focused activity this week was outdoors with the water wall and even though the weather was very wet the children had so much fun splashing in puddles and particpating with filling, pouring and transporting water from different containers.


Take a peek it was a fantastic learning experience .............