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Week ending 13th March 2020

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been focusing on the text Supertato and the Carnival Catastro-pea.  This was such a fabulous story and one that enabled us to look at carnival around the world - perfect for developing our knowledge of the wider community and different countries. Have a look at our work this week .....
We wrote questions to ask Supertato and the evil pea from the story. We thought about all of the different things that we would want to know for example how it feels to fly. The children thought of their own question and then independently they wrote it down. Have you noticed that our writing includes question marks?
We have also been looking at carnival around the world. Did you know that in Brazil they have a carnival every year that is awash with colour and music. Here we are with the Brazilian flag after having looked for Brazil on the globe. Well done smiley
We have also been using the characters from the story to help us create n umber sentences. We have done a lot of work on addition and this week we thought we would try subtraction. The children are really good at remembering that if we are adding the answer will be bigger and if we are subtracting or taking away the answer will be smaller. Well done yes
We have also been using the story to help us with the names of 3D shapes. The pea in the story is a sphere and we then created an experiment to see which other 3D shapes would roll. We predicted, tested and then sorted the shapes according to whether they could or could not roll. Can you find any 3D shapes in and around your home?
In Maths we are continuing our learning about our number of the week. For the last two weeks we have been using the number 15 as the focus for our learning. We have taken this one step further and looked at the objects in our  number box and thought about what we would have to do to them to make them into 15. This involved some wonderful discussions are adding, taking away and changing numbers. Exactly what we had hoped for smiley

Next week we will be using the text Super Daisy as the focus for our learning. This story takes place in space and will provide us with many opportunities to develop our knowledge of the world. And finally, a few little notes ......


RWI bags must come to school everyday - this is so we can place letter sounds, green words and other materials to help you support your child at home.


Reading Books are changed every Monday and Thursday - it is important that children have these in school everyday. We try to listen to children read whenever we can and this is a vital step in their reading development. If you have misplaced your book please speak to a member of staff as soon as possible. Thank you


Have a great weekend

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