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week ending 6th September 2019

Welcome to our very first blog in Reception. What an amazing week it has been. Let's take a little look at all of the learning we have done this week.
First of all can we just say that the children look so very smart in their uniform and we as a staff are looking forward to the children's learning journey this year smiley
We have had a lovely time exploring our loose parts area in the classroom. This is the place were we use bits and pieces to create masterpieces. Take a look at this little selection of what we have made this week. We have some amazing imaginations in class smiley
We are developing our core muscles and writing on vertical surfaces are a great way of doing this. Here we are showing off our work. If you want to explore this further at home a paintbrush, an empty yoghurt pot and some water and have a go at letting the children paint on your wall. This will help them massively 
We have also been thinking about the importance of reading. We have developed a lovely cosy area in the classroom to help develop the children's love of books. We will also be sending home reading books on Monday and we know that you will support us by listening to your child and sharing a book with them on a daily basis smiley
We have also been exploring our challenges in provision.  Each day we set a number of challenges for the children to access and they share their findings with their friends. This is a great way of developing the children's independence and gives them a real focus for their learning. Here we are with one of our challenges ....... To make a repeating pattern tower

And finally. Some important pieces of information for you. 


Monday and Thursday we change the children's reading books. It is really important to set aside time each day to look at the book together and share ideas and opinions. 


Snack money is £1. On Monday you will see a bank bag with your child's name on the table. Please place your child's money in the bag and we will take care of the rest.


PE is on a Wednesday. Place your child's kit on their peg and please ensure that everything has a name in it.


We hope that you have a great weekend

Staff and children in Reception W

Reminder: School closes on Thursday the 21st of July