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Y2F 2014-2015

Friday 3rd July


On Tuesday our Key Stage 1 Sports day was held. We had such a great time and there was lots of sportsmanship showed by all the children. Even considering how hot the weather was, the children remained happy, smiley and enjoyed the events.

Here are some photographs of our fun times!

Project 1.wmv

Still image for this video

Friday 26th June


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We have discovered how the fire started, when it happened and why!!!!

The children then make LOTS of cardboard houses so that we could...................

recreate our very own London.

We went to the ALPs on Thursday, set up our own London and then set it on fire in the bakery just like to real fire. The children created the bucket line to try and get water to the fire and some children pretended to be escaping in boats on the River Thames. Finally some children acted as eye witnesses thinking about what they could see, hear, smell and how they felt.

Here are the photographs and stay tuned for a video to be finalised and uploaded.


Friday 19th June


The Great British Tea Party!!!!!


On Wednesday the children in year 2 held a fantastic tea party!

We had such a fantastic time at our tea party and we would like to thank each and every parent/guardian or family representative who attended. There was such an amazing turn out and all the children were thrilled. In recognition of this support we awarded our class certificate to the parents and guardians of the children in Year 2F!
In preparation for our tea party the children design their own sandwich and cake decoration. They then baked the cakes, prepared their sandwiches and decorated the cakes!

Friday 12th June


AROUND THE WORLD ON 80 PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have started a new topic called Masterchef! This topic is really interesting as it is all about FOOD!!! smiley


The children have been looking at world maps and various countries and we have studied the typical food from each country.


Following this we visited Manchester on Tuesday 9th June. Firstly we visited the Museum of Science and Industry. We watched a revolution show which explained the different areas of the museum and then we could explore for a little. After that, we arrived at The Red Hot World buffet. The children were sat in small groups and the teachers/adults went to collect various plates from each section (Italian, Indian, Chinese and Tex- mex). After sampling each countries dishes the children had to vote- the maximum was 5 stars. It was a fantastic trip because the children were well behaved and tried new things. Check out our photographs below.


Following the trip the children started to learn about typical British food. We learned that fish and chips, the Sunday roast and bubble and squeak are typical. We also discovered something called 'Afternoon tea.'

This then led to us having our own 'Great British tea party' and so the children have designed their own healthy sandwiches and a small cake yum yum!!!!!


In maths we have continued to learn how to divide by grouping. The children initially struggled with this concept but after using counters to practice the children are now able to divide by grouping.


We hope you all have an enjoyable weekend- love Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Haselden and all of Year 2F. xxxxxx


Please enjoy the photographs of all our work! no 

Friday 24th April




Hello and welcome to Year 2F's class blog. Here are the highlights from the week!


In English we have started to learn all about a non-chronological report. We started the week by discovering the features of the report and worked as group to cut up a report according to each features.

We have ended the week by writing our own non-chronological report on our school.


Thursday 23rd April was St. George's Day.


We celebrated this day by learning who St George was, why he was a saint and interesting facts about his life. Once we had learned all about him we created a whole class mind map displaying the information.


Here are some photographs of our work-


In maths we have been working really hard adding two 2-digit numbers. The method that the children used to solve these problems was by partitioning the numbers. For example- 23 + 42 =

We split the numbers into tens and units and added them separately.

20 + 40 = 60

3 + 2 = 5

60 + 5 = 65


The children worked really hard on this really tricky method. Try to practise at home if you can to master this tricky area of maths.


We hope you all have a great weekend- love Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Haselden and Year 2F xxxxxxx



Friday 6th March


Here are the highlights from the week


In English we have been 'reading' and studying a wordless book. The children really enjoyed this task as the story was about a young boy who fell asleep with a book in his hands and dreamt an amazing dream - visiting a variety of lands! The children spent time labelling the illustrations and then created speech bubbles to match.


In Maths we have been studying fractions. The children have discovered how to look for 1/2, 1/4 and even a 1/3.


On Thursday we had a FANTASTIC world book day! The children looked fabulous in their costumes. Lots of children joined in with the competition of a Book in a bottle and well done to Scarlett who won for Year 2F!!

The children enjoyed visiting the book fair with Year 6 who read stories to the children.


Here are the photographs from our week.

Wordless book- Freefall

World book day

Scarlett's book in a bottle

Friday 27th February


Welcome back after half term- and what a busy week it has been!!


In English we have completed our final week of looking at Little Red Riding Hood. The children have written various letters (some from Little Red Riding Hood to the huntsman to say thank you and some to mum to apologise for not listening to her- whilst some children sent a letter to the huntsman from the wolf persuading him to remove the rocks!)


In Maths we have been working really hard on arrays and multiplication. We have been writing the multiplication calculations to match many arrays and working out the totals by counting in 2's 3's and 5's.


In Science we have completed our own investigation. We were given a problem (from LRRH) and were asked to find a more suitable material as her cape keeps getting wet. The children thought about the equipment we would need, the method and then thought of their own prediction. Here are some photographs of our investigation.



Friday 13th February




Hello and welcome to our class blog!! We have worked really hard throughout this week (and the term!!!) so here are the highlights!


We started the week by looking at being safe during SAFER INTERNET DAY. We talked about people who we trust and why we should and should not trust different people. We hope the children enjoyed the activities and remember them for future. 


On Wednesday we performed our Chinese New Year assembly for our parents and carers! The children remembered all their words, knew when to move and spoke so clearly and confidently. All of the teachers were really proud and we hope you were too!

Click here to check out the video of the assembly. In English we really enjoyed creating freeze frames from the story Little Red Riding Hood. Below you will see some photographs of them. We hope you can recognise which part of the story they are portraying.



Today (Friday 13th) is the start of half term so please have a safe and enjoyable half term and we will look forward to seeing you all fresh faced on Monday 23rd February- Love Mrs Woodcock and Year 2F






Week ending 6th February


Hello and welcome to our blog!!


We have had a very busy and exciting week! Here are the highlights!


All of the children in Year 2 have been busy making decorations for our Chinese New Year assembly and rehearsing for it!!!

NOTE- we hope all parents/carers liked their invitation from their child and can make the performance on Wednesday 11th February at 2:30pm


On Monday we tasted a range of Chinese foods- we really enjoyed the experience! Here are some photographs!


Week ending 23rd January 2015


Hello and welcome back to our blog! Here are the highlights!!


In English we have worked really hard creating our own version of the story Hansel and Gretel. Some children changed the main characters, the villain and the escape from the gingerbread house. Whilst some children designed a new house! After writing their own version of the story the children practised reading it to their partner. Here are the photos!



In Maths we have  been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have sorted them, identified them and discussed their properties.
In PE we have started looking at dragon dances ready for A TOP SECRET ASSEMBLY! You can take a look at these photos but we can not tell you any more!!!!!!!!!

Week ending 16th January 2015



Well who can believe were in the 2nd week of the term!! We have been busy bees again so here are the highlights.


In English we continued reading the book Hansel and Gretel. We have completed lots of busy work linked to this book. The children were given a picture of the gingerbread house and were asked to describe what they could see. The children thought of some wonderful adjectives to describe it. Some children were given masks and pictures and were asked to retell the story. They really enjoyed acting out the story of Hansel and Gretel.


In Maths we have been working hard on various aspects of number. The children were introduced to the symbols for less than < and greater than > when comparing numbers!


In Science we have continued to look at materials. We were given scientific words and we had to match them to the correct description.


In our topic lesson we continued to look at coastlines- we explored human and physical features of the coastline.


Well done to Kelsey for winning our class certificate for working hard in maths!!


Thanks for reading Love Mrs Woodcock and Year 2F

Week ending 9th January


Well its a new year and the children in Year 2 have certainly returned refreshed and ready to learn!!!!


In many subjects we have started new topics so here are the highlights-


In maths- we have been thinking about all things NUMBER! WE have been counting and rounding! We found some new ideas a little tricky so we are going to continue with some ideas next week.


In English- we read a new story- Hansel and Gretel. We really enjoyed listening to the story and we are going to be using this text for the next couple of weeks.


In new topic is called SHIP AHOY! The children loved discussing what they thought this topic was going to be about- however, many very slightly disappointed to hear that we are not learning about pirates. In our first lesson we started to look at Coastlines and we used maps to locate coastal towns. Check out some photographs of us working hard!


Thanks for reading and tune in next week- Love from Mrs Woodcock and Year 2F


Week ending 19th December


Hello everyone- well this is the last school day of 2014 and we have had a brilliant last week of term- so here are the highlights!!!


On Monday we had a magical time as we travelled on the Polar Express. First, we put on our pyjamas and cuddle on cushions and settled down to watch the film. Half way through we had a lovely, delicious drink of hot chocolate with marshmallows!


Here are some of the photographs of our special experience  

On Tuesday- it was time for our Christmas party!!!!!!!!

We all enjoyed making Christmas party hats and place mats with our names!! We really enjoyed singing, dancing, playing games and having lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a slideshow of our party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We would like to wish all of the children, parents and carers an extra special Christmas and New Year!! Enjoy the holidays and we will see you all in the New Year- 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love from Mrs Woodcock and Year 2F



Week ending 12th December


Firstly, we would like to apologise for the missing 2 weeks blogs- we were experiencing some technical problems!!


We have been enjoying our English work these past few week as we have been reading The Polar Express. The children have completed many writing activities and they are going to be experiencing a great treat on Monday- all to be revealed in next weeks blog!!


In Maths we have been measuring length and mass. We have been estimating first and then accurately measuring.


In our topic lesson we have designed and created a tie dye beach bag- YES we are that adventurous in Year 2!!!!! We have really enjoyed this task and we will bringing them home next week!!!!





Just a few highlights from our week!

Week ending 28th November


Hello and welcome to our blog. Here are the highlight for our very BUSY week-


In our English and Maths lessons the children  have been working their socks off as they have been completing assessments to show what they have learnt whilst being in Year 2. This has taken up most of our mornings but we will be back to 'normal' next week!!!


We really enjoyed our afternoon lessons throughout this week! In our computing lesson we started to investigated a programme called 2explore. This is a music lesson and the children really enjoyed experimenting with all of the sounds.


In our topic lesson we were have continued to look at countries. On Monday we looked at one area in particular- The Caribbean!!! Whilst learning about the Caribbean we were introduced to a famous lady - Mary Seacole. After learning about her we recalled the facts of her life.


Check out the slideshow below-



Week ending 21st November


Here are the highlights from the week


In English and following on from our story last week we continued to think about being in another country. We learned all about postcards and then planned our own to write. We included some fabulous adjectives.


In Maths we looked at tally charts and pictograms. We created them based on our favourite football teams and then used the information to answer questions about it.


In our topic lessons- HOT HOT HOT we learned all about the equator. We discovered that-

the closer a country is to the equator the hotter it is and the further away from the equator it is the colder it will be. The children were then given a list of countries. The had to use the a world map, locate it and then decide if the country would be a hot or cold country. Here are the photographs of the children engaged in the activity.

The children really enjoyed this activity and it proved a little tricky than first anticipated. However, the children worked together with a partner and didn't give up!!!!!!!!!!!


Tune in next week for further highlights- have a great weekend Love from Mrs Woodcock




Week ending 14th November


Hello everyone and here are the highlights from another busy week in Year 2F!


In English we read a story called Beautiful Bananas- we soon discovered that this story is set in another country and we talked about the similarities and differences between our country and what we could see in the book! Following this we imagined that we had been on holiday to a hot country and planned out a postcard (thinking about the activities we did, what we saw and how we felt). We are going to write these postcards next week.


In Maths we learned all about arrays- we looked at pictures of real life arrays, we now know the difference between a column and a row and we practised finding them and making arrays- here are some photographs!

In our topic lessons we have continued to think about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans of the world- we wonder if you can name them all???


Today (Friday) something different happened in class...............Children arrived at school as SUPERHEROES!!!! Thank you for all the donations and here are the children all dressed up!

Well done to Dale for winning the Certificate in assembly this week! Dale has been a superstar in maths by listening and applying what he has been taught!!


Tune in next week for more highlights!


Can you keep a secret??? On Monday the children are going to the hall and watch ....................................   Nah I don't think you can keep a secret so the children will just have to wait and see!!! Ha ha!!!! Ok- here is a clue................


Week ending 7th November


Welcome back to our blog- what a week we have had since returning from half term! We have been so busy it feels like we have been back for weeks.


Here are the highlights from our week.


In English-

We read a new book- Room on the Broom! We loved hearing about the witches broom stick and all the 'friends' that she allowed to travel on her broom stick with her. Following this the children thought of some weird, wonderful and truly disgusting objects that they would place in a cauldron when making a spell. We included adjectives to describe each object- Here are some of our ideas-

a pinch of crunchy spiders legs

100g of slimy worms

a cupful of dripping, red blood!

Where do they come up with these ideas???


Following these ideas the children put them altogether to create a spell!



In maths we have been learning all about repeated addition. We used counters to help our counting and we know that this is the start of us learning all about multiplication.


In our topic work we needed to finish our previous topic- We're going on a bug hunt by going to the ALPS to create our bug hotels. So on Monday afternoon we visited the ALPS, worked in small groups and created 3 very different bug hotels. Here they are-


Now that we have finished that topic we are now ready to start our new topic its called-



Tune in over the next few weeks to find out what we are going to be learning about in this topic!


Thanks for reading our blog and don't forget to dress up for Children in Need on Friday - the theme is Superhero or you can simply come in fancy dress


Have a great weekend Love Mrs Woodcock x

Friday 24th October


Hello and welcome to our blog!


Check out the highlights from our week-


In English we started to look at Autumn Poems. In our first lesson we read a variety of poems. In small groups the children practised reading and performing a poem. Check out our photographs-

Following that we collected lots of adjectives about Autumn- such as chilly, breezy, soggy, blustery. We used these adjectives in sentences in preparation for writing our own poem.

The children were taught all about an Acrostic poem and here is one we wrote together-


In Maths we enjoyed playing some maths games- check us out-
Lots of children turned out for the Monsters Ball and here are just some of them-

Well that's just a few highlights from our week.


Don't forget next week is half term and the first Monday back 3rd November, the children in Year 2 need their wellington boots as we are visiting the ALPS.

Have a great weeks rest- we all surely deserve it!!


Lots of love from Mrs Woodcock and Year 2F xxx

Friday 17th October


Here are the highlights from our week-


In English we remembered the story of Zog and used the idea of the dragons attending a dragon school in order to write our own story. Some children chose tigers, giraffes, elephants or a lion. The children worked really well and for the first time in Year 2 were able to write a complete story from the beginning to the end!!!! We are all really proud of our achievements.


We were invited back to the book fair by Year 5- who had chosen one book in particular that they wanted to read to a Year 2 child. Here we are enjoying them.

Following on from our topic work we were given a map of the ALPS. We followed it around the areas and looked for different features.

Today (Friday) we started to think about our ambitions for the future!

We looked at some occupations and the qualities needed for each job. Here we are in small groups sharing our ideas.

After thinking about the qualities the children discussed what they would like to be when they are older. Here are some of their responses

Anmol- a doctor

Luke- a bin man

Katie- a vet

KJ- a mechanic

Braydon- a footballer

Tia- a beautician

Reece- a builder ..................................  and lots lots more!!!!


Hope you all have a great weekend Love Mrs Woodcock and Year 2F xxx 



Friday 10th October


Welcome to Year 2F's class blog. Again we have been very busy bees and here are some of the highlights from our week.


In English-

We continued to read and study Zog. The children designed and described their own dragon. All of the children could include some fantastic adjectives whilst some children included a simile-

This was taken from Braydon's

'..........he was as tall as a mountain!'



In Maths-

The children started to look at empty number lines. We used them to add and even though it is a little tricky the children worked really well in order to learn a new skill.

In our computing lesson we took the children outside. As we have been learning to sort information using a branching database- we thought we would see if the children could create a human branching database (this is simply where the children are presented with a question which is either Yes or No). Here are the photographs of the children-

The Book Fair-

We have really enjoyed having the book fair at school. We visited it on Wednesday and we were joined by some Year 4 children who very kindly read some of the books to us. Here we are -

Finally a big THANK YOU to all the parents who attended parents evening. It was a pleasure to sit down and discuss how you child has settled.


Enjoy the weekend everyone love Mrs Woodcock xx

Friday 3rd October


Hello and welcome back to our class blog!


What a busy week we have had!!!! We are really glad its the weekend- just to give our fantastic brains a little rest!!!


In English we started to read and study a new book called Zog! This is a story about a dragon called Zog who goes to a dragon school and learns lots of new skills. At the beginning we read that Zog learned to Fly and then roar during the few first pages of the story and then we had to predict what we thought Zog might learn in the next years at school. We came up with some fantastic ideas such as Zog might learn to swim, dance, eat, breathe fire, chase people and even how to fight! In our following lessons we discovered if some of ideas we correct!

We also thought what the dragon school would look like- designed it and thought of some interesting vocabulary to describe it.


In Maths we continued to understand the value of numbers. We were given two numbers and we had to say which was the largest and the smallest. Towards the end of the week some children started to learn how to count on (putting the large number in our head and using our fingers to add)- so that next week we can be shown a new skills adding on an empty number line.


Many thanks for all the parents who returned parents evening slips- I look forward to discussing your child on either Tuesday or Thursday.


Learning logs were sent home today (Friday) this is an additional task for your child to complete over the next three weeks.

The children in Year 2F are working really well to complete their homework and read every night- this is a fantastic start so well done and keep it up!!


Have a great weekend Love Mrs Woodcock xxx

Friday 26th September


Thank you to all our parents who attended our Coffee Morning in support of Macmillian cancer. The children really enjoyed taking part by donating 20p for juice and a biscuit- thank you to everyone for their donations. Here are the children enjoying it!

Today the children used the natural materials that they collected from the ALPs to create their own art work. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and created some fabulous art work- take a look below-

The children have settled really well and are all working hard. We have been really busy during the first few weeks in our new class.

In English we have loved reading the story of ‘The Troll!’ We began by creating our own creatures and describing them. We read another story The Three Billy Goats Gruff and noticed lots of similarities and differences between them. We have taken ideas from both stories and created our own.


In Maths we have really enjoyed making, writing and recording different numbers and understanding their values using some dienes equipment.



Our topic is called ‘We’re going on a bug hunt.’ In these lessons we have been talking about our local environment and we have been studying maps and atlases. We learned about a famous artist ‘Andy Goldsworthy’ who used natural materials to create art work. We visited the ALPs to collect natural materials and below are some photographs of the art work which we created.

The children in Year 2F also love our new reading corner! Reading is a Hoot!!! We love hearing how much the children have read at home so please keep reading at home!
Finally, we have loved our PE lessons. We work together with Year 2W and we have started the topic Gymnastics! Here are some photographs of us enjoying our lessons.
*** All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 inclusive are expected to return to school on Wednesday 2nd September. We look forward to seeing you. ***