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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Teachers and TA's

  • Mrs J Dougherty
  • Mrs A. Cosgrove (TA)
  • Miss S Walls (TA)


This year in Year 5F we will be learning about:

  • Woodlands + Wetlands
  • Valhalla - The Vikings
  • Earth and Space
  • Ancient Greece
  • Wordsworth + Wainwright
  • New England


Trips and visits / visitors:

  • Martin Mere
  • Liverpool Museum
  • French Ambassador for Wigan


Other exciting things happen in Year 5F:

  • Outdoor learning on the school ALPS
  • Cinema visit
  • Baking + cooking


Learning Logs on-going all year

Homework given out every Tuesday and due back the following Monday

P.E. every Thursday

*** School will re-open to all pupils from Monday 8th March. Please see your Weduc account for further information. ***