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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Vision and Aims

Vision / Mission Statement


Westfield strives to offer a beacon of HOPE for the community. It is a place where everyone is valued and respected and provides a calm environment in which children, parents and staff have high expectations and are empowered to achieve their best.


H     High Expectations

Learning To encourage parents, pupils and staff to have high expectations of themselves and others in the school community. To recognise parents as first educators and develop initiatives to support their needs and ambitions To foster and encourage a love of learning Behaviour To encourage good behaviour and respect for each other throughout the school community and beyond to celebrate cultural diversity.


O     Ownership and Opportunities

To provide opportunities for everyone to have their voices heard To promote high standards and opportunities for learning that recognise the different learning needs and styles of pupils through the offer of a wideranging, context based curriculum To provide opportunities for parents and staff to further their own learning and expertise.


P      Progress

Promoting outstanding learning through: Provision of a happy, caring environment where children and staff feel safe, secure, stimulated and valued in order for them to reach their full potential To ensure a robust system of monitoring pupil progress involving both pupils and staff which can be used to give immediate remedial support To encourage the sharing of 'best practice' in teaching and learning To offer academic and pastoral support where and when appropriate so that every pupil can progress through their 'learning journey'.


E      Enjoyment

We aim to provide pupils with an adventurous, fun and challenging learning experience, and recognise that pupils, staff and parents learn more if their learning is made enjoyable Children, staff, parents, governors and visitors will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times and we welcome and respect both our differences and our similarities. We believe that only by having the highest aspirations can people become the best they can and we will strive to ensure that all who are involved with Westfield are encouraged and helped to play their part.

Welcome to our website... Attendance for w/c 13th May 2019... RW 94%, RF 94%, 1W 94%, 1F 98%, 2W 93%, 2F 97%, 3W 92%, 3F 96%, 3WF 95%, 4W 92%, 4F 97%, 5W 94%, 5F 93%, 6W 98%, 6F 95% ** ** Congratulations to 1F and 6W for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**