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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Senior Leadership Team

T Sherriff                        Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead  - Child Protection)
S  Baker                          Deputy Headteacher (Upper Phase Leader, Assessment  Manager)
T Ford                            Assistant Headteacher (Middle Phase Leader Y1 - Y4, CPD Leader,  
                                     Designated Safeguarding Lead - Child Protection)

R Houghton                     Assistant Headteacher (Foundation Phase Leader, EYFS )

L Rayner                         Business Director (Finance, HR, Facilities, Admin and ICT)


Senior Middle Manager

R Penman                       Inclusion Manager


Business Management Team

K Broadhead                   Business Manager 

A Maloney                      Admin & Finance Assistant

L Bolton                         Administrator/Receptionist

J Halton                         Administrator/Receptionist/Site Manager holiday cover

K Moore                         IT Manager

T Hanson                       IT Assistant (Part-time)

J Nicholls                       Site Manager

T Ward                          Site Manager

S Houghton                    Cleaner                             

T Masson                       Cleaner

U Stothers                      Cleaner

E Halton                         Cleaner


Start Well Family Centre Team

S Case                           Start Well Manager

L Middlehurst                  Senior Start Well Worker

K Stubbs                        Start Well Worker

D  Barwise                     Start Well Worker

K Cheetham                   Start Well Worker
H Cherrington                 Early Years Start Well Worker
S Marcroft                      Early Years Start Well Worker
K Higham                       Start Well Receptionist



Pre-School Staff

E Rothwell                      Pre-School Teacher

W  Littler                        Pre-school TA

E O'Brien                        Pre-school TA

YPC (private nursery provider)

V Knowles                      Manager

C Coleman                      Assistant Manager

K Mcnamara                    Assistant Manager


Reception Staff                             

N Evans                          Reception Teacher (Early Career Development Manager)

C Redford                        Reception Teacher (Foundation Stage/KS1 Inclusion Co-ordinator)

C Moore                          HLTA Reception (Part Time)

L Hall                              Reception TA

V Baggaley                      Reception/Pre-school TA

V Fields                           Reception TA (Part Time)

B Charnock                      Reception TA (Part Time)

L Shufflebotham               Reception TA  


Year 1 Staff             


J Lodge                          Year 1 Teacher (Literacy Manager)

D Rose                           Year 1 Teacher KS1 (Assessment Manager)

E Duckworth                   Year 1 TA

A Seddon                        Year 1 TA

Z Gray (Mat Leave)          Year 1 TA

A Wright                         Year 1 TA


Year 2 Staff

L Woodcock                     Year 2 Teacher (Early Reading Intervention Co-ordinator)

L Mousdell                       Year 2 Teacher (Music Co-ordinator)

L Hannon                        Year2  Teacher (R.E./P.S.H.E. Co-ordinator)

M Turton                         Year 2 TA

J Haselden                       Year 2 TA

S Folksman                      Year 2 TA

D Rose                            Year 2 TA

L Mason                          Year 2 TA


Year 3 Staff

D Forsyth                      Year 3 Teacher (History Co-ordinator)

D Fletcher                     Year 3 Teacher (P.E. Co-ordinator)

J Foster                         Year 3 TA

D Stirrup                       Year 3 TA

J Marron                        Year 3 TA


Year 4 Staff

B Price                           Year 4 Teacher (I.T. Co-ordinator)

H Cattherall                    Year 4 Teacher

L Willcox                        Year 4 HLTA

C Pickavance                  Year 4 TA

A Carlson                       Year 4 TA

K Dwyer                         Year 4 TA


Year 5 Staff

J Dougherty                   Year 5 Teacher (Numeracy Manager)

M Power                        Year 5 Teacher (KS2 Inclusion C0-ordinator)

A Roberts                      Year 5 HLTA

M Cosgrove                   Year 5 TA

L Haslam                       Year 5 TA


Year 6 Staff

J Metcalfe                      Year 6 Teacher (Personalised Learning Manager/Science Co-ordinator)

N Parry                          Year 6 Teacher (KS2 Assessment Manager)

J Melling                        Year 6 HLTA

S Walls                          Year 6 TA

J Lyon                           Year 6 TA (Part-Time)



J Saunders                      KS1 Teacher (Part Time) (Art & DT Co-ordinator)

P Roche                          KS2 Teacher  (Part Time)

D Wilson                         Part-time teacher (MFL Coordinator)

M Wilson                         NAHT Branch Secretary (Local Authority Funded)


Pastoral Team

W Pennington                  Pastoral Team Manager/Attendance/Designated Safeguarding Lead

N Parkinson                     Senior Learning Mentor part-time

C Crook                           Learning Mentor

J Lyon                             Learning Mentor (Part-Time)


Lunchtime Assistants – welfare of pupils                                                                                                                           

U Stothers                                        G Dawson

C Yates                                            S Littler                                        

L Baines                                           S Hawkins              

        T Masson                                          L Barnes                                                                      

K Folksman                                       L Haslam   

T Rennox







Welcome to our website. ........ .Attendance for w/c 5th November 2018... RW 97%, RF 92%, 1W 98%, 1F 98%, 2W 97%, 2F 97%, 3W 92%, 3F 94%, 3WF 96%, 4W 93%, 4F 95%, 5W 94%, 5F 90%, 6W 95%, 6F 93% ** ** Congratulations to 1W, and 1F for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**....