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Westfield Community School A beacon of hope (Ofsted)

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Senior Leadership Team

Tim Sherriff                        Headteacher (Designated Person - Child Protection)
Sharon Baker                      Deputy Headteacher (Upper Phase Leader, Assessment  Co-ordinator)
Teresa Ford                        Assistant Headteacher (Middle Phase Leader Y1 - Y4, CPD Leader,  
                                         Designated Person - Child Protection)

Ruth Houghton                    Assistant Headteacher (Foundation Phase Leader, EYFS )

Lorraine Rayner                   Business Director (Finance, HR, Facilities, Admin and ICT)

Rachel Penman                    Inclusion Manager


Business Management Team

Katie Broadhead                  Business Manager 

Aileen Maloney                    Admin & Finance Assistant

Louise Bolton                      Administrator/Receptionist

Jennie Halton                      Administrator/Receptionist and cover Site Manager

Sandee  Johnson                  Temporary Receptionist

Keith Moore                        IT Technician

Toby Hanson                       Part Time IT Assistant

Jon Nicholls                        Site Manager

Tony Ward                         Site Manager

Sharon Houghton                 Cleaner                             

Tina Masson                        Cleaner

Ursula Stothers                    Cleaner

Emily Halton                        Cleaner


Start Well Family Centre Team

Sue Case                             Start Well Manager

Lisa Middlehurst                   Senior Start Well Worker

Kerry Stubbs                        Start Well Worker

Donna  Barwise                    Start Well Worker

Karen Cheetham                   Start Well Worker
Hayley Cherrington               Early Years Start Well Worker
Shauna Marcroft                   Early Years Start Well Worker
Kirsty Higham                       Start Well Receptionist
Claire Scroggie                      Start Well Local Intelligence Officer


Pre-School Staff

Emma Rothwell                   Pre-School Teacher

Joan Grundy                       Pre-School TA

Andrea Wright                     Pre-School TA

Warren Littler                      Pre-school TA

Elizabeth O'Brien                  Pre-school TA

YPC (private nursery provider)

Vicky Knowles                     Manager

Claire Coleman                    Assistant Manager

Kerry Mcnamara                  Assistant Manager


Reception Staff                             

Nicola Evans                       Reception Teacher (Early Career Development Manager)

Charley Redford                  Reception Teacher (Foundation Stage/KS1 Inclusion Co-ordinator)

Carol Moore                        HLTA Reception (Part Time)

Lorraine Hall                       Reception TA

Victoria Baggaley                 Reception TA

Vicky Fields                         Reception TA (Part Time)

Ann Jones                           Temporary Reception TA

Year 1 Staff             

Laura Hannon                      Year 1 Teacher (R.E./P.S.H.E Co-ordinator)

Jenna Lodge                       Year 1 Teacher (Literacy Manager)

Deborah Rose                     Year 1 Teacher KS1 (Assessment Manager)

Eveline Duckworth               Year 1 TA

Lorna Shufflebotham            Year 1 TA

Sarah Folksman                   Year 1 TA

Jane Grimes                        Year 1 TA

Zeele Gray                          Year 1 TA


Year 2 Staff

Louise Woodcock                 Year 2 Teacher (Early Reading Intervention Co-ordinator)

Laura Mousdell                    Year 2 Teacher (Music Co-ordinator)

Mary Turton                        Year 2 TA

Joanne Haselden                 Year 2 TA

Debra Stirrup                      Year 2 TA

Karen Dwyer                       Year 2 TA


Year 3 Staff

Diane Forsyth                      Year 3 Teacher (History Co-ordinator)

Daniel Fletcher                    Year 3 Teacher (P.E. Co-ordinator)

Julie Foster                         Year 3 TA

Dianne Rose                        Year 3 TA

Louise Mason                       Year 3 TA

Jeanette Marron                   Year 3 TA

Year 4 Staff

Barry Price                           Year 4 Teacher (I.T. Co-ordinator)

Jayne Whittle                       Temporary Year 4 Teacher (maternity cover)

Liz Willcox                            Year 4 HLTA

Claire Pickavance                  Year 4 TA

Anna Carlson                        Year 4 TA

Leanne Haslam                     Year 4 TA


Year 5 Staff

Jenny Dougherty                  Year 5 Teacher (Numeracy Manager)

Hannah Catherall                  Year 5 Teacher

Amanda Roberts                   Year 5 HLTA

Mandy Cosgrove                   Year 5 TA

Susan Walls                         Year 5 TA


Year 6 Staff

John Metcalfe                      Year 6 Teacher (Personalised Learning Manager/Science Co-ordinator)

Nina Parry                           Year 6 Teacher (KS2 Assessment Manager)

Janet Melling                       Year 6 HLTA

Briony Charnock                   Year 6 TA

Julie Lyon                            Year 6 TA (part-time)



Jill Saunders                         KS1 Teacher (part time) (Art & DT Co-ordinator)

Paula Roche                         KS2 Teacher / KS2 Inclusion Co-ordinator (part time)

Diane Wilson                        Part-time teacher (MFL Coordinator)

Wendy Pennington                Pastoral Team Manager (Designated Person - Child Protection)

Natalie Parkinson                  Senior Learning Mentor (Attendance) part-time

Carl Crook                            Learning Mentor

Julie Lyon                             Learning Mentor (part-time)


Lunchtime Assistants – welfare of pupils                                          

Tracey Rennox                                        Jeannette Garside                                             

Ursula Stothers                                        Gillian Dawson

Debbie Guy                                             Stephanie Littler                                        

Lynn Baines                                             Gemma Woods

        Tina Masson                                             Leanne Barnes                                       

Leanne Barnes                                         Helen Hunter
Kimberley Folksman                                  Stephen Simmonds
Sam Hawkins






Welcome to our website. ........ .Attendance for w/c 13th November 2017... RW 95%, RF 93%, 1W 95%, 1F 93%, 2W 97%, 2F 93%, 2WF 94% 3W 96%, 3F 96%, 4W 97%, 4F 97%, 5W 93%, 5F 96%, 6W 93%, 6F 94% ** ** Congratulations to 2W,4W and 4F for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**....