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12 September

Friday 12th September


Hello Everyone!


Greetings and best wishes from the new 6W.


What a busy week we have had! New topics have been started in Science and Topic, with Shape being the theme of many Maths lessons.


In Science this week, we have been discovering whether light can curve around corners. Fun was had discovering the answer – using torches, black and white card, chalk and cubes.


In Maths, time has been spent investigating 2d and 3d shapes – discovering the properties of each, and using nets to identify different 3d shapes. There has been many new mathematical words introduced, and it is hoped that we will all be able to spell these before Christmas!


In Topic, our topic is ‘The Victorians’. Already, much has been learnt about Victorian life, and this week we have been watching ‘Oliver’ to compare the lives of rich and poor Victorians. It would be FANTASTIC to see Learning Logs filled with work related to this topic.


Great fun was had on Thursday afternoon, with Mr Wilock in Games. 100% of 6W had full kit – Well Done to all! Remember – kit is needed each Thursday,


Congratulations to Rebeckah for being our Star of the Week!


Remember 6W – eat breakfast each morning, so that a great day of learning can be had.


Have a safe, happy and healthy weekend.

See you all next week.

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