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The children started the week with a PE session with coach Chris on Monday morning. 


The children talked to each other about the importance of using and traveling with equipment safely, this week was how to work together to carry the large mats. 

Moving equipment safely

Moving equipment safely  1
Moving equipment safely  2
Moving equipment safely  3

The children then concentrated on small scale movements working individually and then working in groups of 3. The children used their imaginations and team work to create different balances. 


Balancing  1
Balancing  2
Balancing  3
Balancing  4
Balancing  5
Balancing  6
Balancing  7
Balancing  8

The children then practiced three different rolls, pencil roll, egg roll and then a forward roll. Mrs Redford was super impressed with how confident the children were to try different rolls. 

Our Rolls

Our Rolls  1
Our Rolls  2
Our Rolls  3
Our Rolls  4
Our Rolls  5
Our Rolls  6
Our Rolls  7
Our Rolls  8
Our Rolls  9
Our Rolls  10
Our Rolls  11
Our Rolls  12
Our Rolls  13
Our Rolls  14
Our Rolls  15
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