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Friday 10th October

Friday 10th October


Welcome to Year 5W’s blog for this week.


Maths -  This week we have continued tackling addition and subtraction. Everyone in class can now confidently add and subtract using a variety of methods.


English - Our class novel is The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. This week we have been thinking about the kind of creatures that might live in an enchanted wood. We have designed our own mystical, magical creatures and written a description about them. Here are some of our drawings...

Topic - The children have continued to plan their own documentaries about the ALPS in school. This week some of the children have been working in teams to write a script or voiceover for their films, whilst others have been designing their opening credits on the computer.


The children are now very excited about our visit to Martin Mere next Thursday 16th October! As we will be outdoors for most of the day can you please ensure that your child has a coat with them and suitable footwear. If they have wellies could you please send them with them for the day. Thank you.


Our Certificate Winner this week is Keely for not giving up despite an incredibly difficult week in maths. Her perseverance and extra work at home paid off. Well done from us all. In addition, Keely was then chosen by Mrs. Evans as the Upper Phase Pupil of the Week. What a super achievement. We hope she enjoys having the trophy for the week.

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As always, we hope you all have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

Welcome to our website. ........ .Attendance for w/c 11th June 2018... RW 92%, RF 96%, 1W 97%, 1F 97%, 2W 98%, 2F 94%, 2WF 94% 3W 93%, 3F 92%, 4W 95%, 4F 94%, 5W 98%, 5F 96%, 6W 95%, 6F 98% ** ** Congratulations to 2W, 5W and 6F for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**....