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Friday 12th December

Hello Everyone,


No surprises for our regular readers - 6W have had yet another very, very hardworking week. Read on and you will discover for yourselves!


In Maths, area has been our main focus of work, calculating areas of regular and compound shapes - challenging to say the least! The whole class have persisted, and most are on the edge of 'mastering' the concept. Further work has been completed on perimeter, and once again, 'mastering'  this concept is very near to most.


A letter to Father Christmas was the task on Monday, enjoyed by all present. On Tuesday, this was copied onto special Christmas paper, where judging (by staff) for our Handwriting Competition took place. Much work has been completed in S.P.A.G. and spellings.


Our battery powered games have been completed in Science, and much fun has been had by all, playing our own and others games. Take a look at our 'designers' in 6W. You never know - a rep from Apple or X Box may be reading!


Our Game Designers

Christmas is coming, and Year 6 have baked Christmas cakes - part of our mini topic -Victorian Christmas. The smell from the bay has been delicious. All cakes have now been baked, decorations will follow on Monday and Tuesday. Eating can take place, at home, later in the week! 

Baking in Year 6

Get Well wishes to all members of 6W who have been poorly this week - the 'winter bug' has taken it's toll on the class.


Happier news - Connor visited class today, along with his mum and sister. Connor is feeling a lot better, but is still very sore and requires further appointments with the doctors. We were all so happy to see him, and the class had a lovely chat and catch up with him.

Connor and his friends

Connor and his friends 1

Congratulations to Blake - our winner of the Handwriting Competition - photo to follow.


Wishing you all a happy, safe and healthy week ahead.


Speak to you all next week.

Blake - Our Winner!

Blake - Our Winner! 1
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