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Friday 14th November

Hello Everyone,


WOW! What an extremely hard working week we have had in 6W!


Fractions have been mastered - ordering, simplifying, find equivalents, finding amounts of fractions have been covered, with links to decimals and percentages been taught on Monday! The whole class have worked amazingly hard to achieve their best in this topic.


In English, work has been done to remind ourselves to use speech marks and commas correctly - as well as producing more marvellous Super Sentences! We all are famous writers in the making.


Science this week was based on Electricity, and one of our tasks was to find how to make a lamp shine brighter. Great learning took place - see the photographs.

In Topic we have reproduced pictures of child labourers working down a coal mine. The pictures were produced using charcoal, to aid the idea of darkness and dirt! These have now been placed on our windows, and you are all more than welcome to come and view them.


Congratulations to Tommy , our Star of the Week.


Finally, many Superhero's arrived into 6W this morning, for our celebration of 'Children in Need'. Lots of photographs have been taken, and these will be added to our blog on Monday.


Next week, Year 6 are going to Quarry Bank Mill, so there is great excitement ahead.


Keep well and safe.

See you next week.

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