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Friday 16th January 2015

Hello Everybody,


The end of yet another hard working, challenging and fun week - no surprises for our regular readers!


In Maths, we have explored decimal place value, discovered  then continued  number sequences and are in the process of conquering co-ordinates. Well done to all, as much work has been completed, highlighting understanding and learning.


In English, we continue to discuss and write about our class novel - Gangsta Granny. After watching the film last Friday, we are able to make comparisons between the story in print and on film - yes, minor differences  have been identified! The class were able to showcase the variety of work undertaken, in our Class Assembly on Tuesday morning. Examples of the different work is now on display in our classroom - family members are very welcome to pop in and take a look.


In Science, our circulation system was identified, and the differences between arteries and veins explained. The importance of our heart was discussed - it's purpose and role in the circulation system examined .


New dictionaries were purchased recently, and put to full used, almost immediately! These will be used frequently over the coming weeks and months ahead. 

Hard at work, using our new dictionaries.

Hard at work, using our new dictionaries. 1
During the assembly, our circuit games were shown to the Upper Phase - very proud we all were too. Here are photo's of those games not included in our previous blogs. Enjoy!

Circuit Games

The weather has been quite unpredictable this week, and at times, the class have been unable to go out and play - disappointing for many. 6W have discussed ways to make these times a little more bearable - paper for drawing,  class computers, Connect 4 and ..... LEGO! Very intricate models have been built, analysed then dismantled, and it has proved to be a tremendous way to counter cold, wet and windy breaks. 

The Lego Team

The Lego Team 1
The Lego Team 2

A plea to all - Planners and reading books are expected to be brought into school daily, and Learning Logs each Monday. Furthermore, homework in Maths and English is given out each Tuesday, and should be returned by the following Monday, at the latest. It is vital that each child complete the tasks set, and add quality independent work in Learning Logs. All these compliment the learning taking place in class.


Congratulations to Adan, our 'Star of the Week'. Keep up all your hard work Adan!

Our 'Star of the Week'

Our 'Star of the Week' 1

 'Get Well Soon Connor' from Mrs Evans, Mrs Melling and all your classmates. We miss you very much, and hope that you are healing well.


Finally, 6W have a class theme tune, unveiled to Upper Phase on Tuesday morning. 'Bring me Sunshine' - a golden oldie, can be heard playing each morning, to banish away the grey mornings of Winter, replacing them with sunshine and smiles - a FANTASTIC way to start our learning!


Stay safe, healthy and happy - and we will bring you further 6W news, next week. 

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