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Friday 19th December

Hello Readers,


As sleigh bells ring and Christmas lights twinkle, 6W have worked hard this, week 15, of an extremely long yet fun packed Autumn term! Much has been achieved since September, a result of much concentration and determination by all. Well done 6W!


Mr Moore spent time in class on Tuesday, teaching us all the skill of 'control' in ICT. Much fun was had making a bee move it's eyes, buzz and fly. This was followed by instruction a lighthouse to shine in the darkness then switch off in daylight. Finally, the children were able to control traffic lights, stopping a car when the lights turned red. It was a most impressive session. Take a look at the photo's.

Taking Control with Mr Moore

We are very very lucky in 6W to have Mrs Wilson each Tuesday afternoon come to teach French for 1 hour. There are many, many future fluent French speakers in 6W - fantastic! Mrs Wilson ran a competition during this term, and our winner was... Courteney, with Jack as runner up. A huge CONGRATULATIONS!!! to them both.

Our Winners

Our Winners 1
Our Christmas cakes have been iced, decorated and are ready for home. Much hard work has taken place, and we hope that you will all be able to have a taste of these delicious creations.
The children have each produced a penguin Christmas card for their families - you can have a little peek below.

Our class Christmas cards

Our class Christmas cards 1

Thursday was party afternoon - and there was fun, food and games. It was fantastic to see the whole of Year 6 together.


Congratulations to Blake - our 'Star of the Week'. Keep up all your hard work!

Our Star

Our Star 1

Finally, we all here in 6W wish you all a very Merry Christmas - keep safe, healthy and happy.


Looking forward to 2015 and all that the New Year brings!

Merry Christmas from 6W

Merry Christmas from 6W 1
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