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Friday 19th December

Friday 19th December


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. It has been a busy last week with lots of interesting and exciting activities going on!


On Monday, we finally opened the door to see which land the Faraway Tree has taken us too. Amazingly, we discovered ourselves in Dragon Land! After watching a short clip that showed us just how fierce and angry the dragon was, we wrote a description of where we were.  



Picture 1

Our task was to use fronted adverbials. Fronted adverbials? What on earth are they? Let us explain…


  • A fronted adverbial goes at the beginning of a sentence
  • It describes the verb in the sentence
  • It describes where, when and how


Here are some examples…


Gently, she lifted the sleeping baby.


Before I go to bed, I clean my teeth.


At last, I reached the finish line.


Suddenly, the ground began to shake.


At the park, I lost my coat.


Every playtime, I play football.


The sentences that we wrote are SO much better than these! Mr Sherriff came to watch us and was very impressed with the quality of our writing.


In Topic, we have been looking at Viking Gods. We have all designed our very own Viking God Top Trump cards. They look fantastic! We have been playing them all week against each other.

On Thursday, it was our class Christmas Party. The children had a fantastic time. Here are some photographs from the day…

This week in Assembly our CERTIFICATE WINNER was Nikola for reading EVERY night of this past term. What a bookworm she is! Fantastic! She went on to win The Pupil of the Week trophy for the Upper Phase. A big well done from all of the class!

Picture 1

Also, well done to Cory who received a special certificate from our local MP Lisa Nandy in recognition of his Christmas card design in her recent competition.

Picture 1

Happy 10th birthday to Andrew for today, who is now in double digits.


As always, we hope you all have a fantastic break. Enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities and we look forward to seeing you back on school on Tuesday 6th January.

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