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Friday 20th March

Friday 20th March


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. It has been another busy and exciting week in school.


Maths - This week we have continued looking at fractions. We have been comparing fractions to see which is the biggest or smallest and ordering fractions with different denominators from smallest to largest.


English – We have continued to look at a wordless book entitled Tuesday, by David Weisner. We have continued to write our own version of the book. Also, we have been introduced to a new Super Sentence called Outside (Inside). This enables us to show off how we can use brackets in our writing.


Here are some examples from the children…


Inside the house was quiet and dark. (Outside, it was noisy and all you could hear was croaking.) By McKenzie


Speedily, the frog sped ahead of the other frogs who were racing to catch up with him. (Inside, he was desperate to slow down and join the other frogs.) By Isobel


Quickly and silently, the black, spotty frogs flew crashing against the breeze whilst swaying to and fro. (Inside, the frogs were extremely excited!) By Kaylee


Outside, the bulky, green, slimy frog is soaring happily through the grey, dull sky. (Inside, however, he feels like the one and only, marvellous Superman!) By Lucy


Topic – We have begun to investigate Greek Gods and compare them to the Viking Gods we learned about earlier this year. Also we have looked at Greek soldiers, in particular the hoplite.


This week, on Tuesday, the Prison Service and Police came into school and talked to the children about the importance of staying safe and saying no to strangers. The children had the opportunity to take part in a workshop in the afternoon and all had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Here are some pictures from the day…

Also, this week Casey has achieved her GOLD wristband. What a brilliant achievement. A massive well done for all her hard work on mastering ALL the multiplication and division facts and being able to apply them in maths.
Picture 1

A big thank you to everyone who attended Parent’s Evening this week. We have been overwhelmed with the response and were delighted to be able to talk to you about your child’s progress.


Enjoy the weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday.


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