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Friday 24th April

Friday 24th April


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. We hope you had a fantastic Easter break, got lots of eggs from the Easter Bunny and enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine.


Maths - This week we have tackled fractions again. We have looked at converting improper (top heavy) fractions into mixed numbers. Also, we have learned how to both add and subtract fractions. How amazingly clever is that?


Have a go at this online game to help add fractions with the same denominator or with different denominators if you really want to show off!

English – We have been concentrating on SPAG work. (SPELLING, PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR) In particular, we have been looking at spelling words that end in tious and cious.


Topic – We have been comparing Greek vases to our own designs. We have looked at the features like handles, meanders (repeating patterns), the materials they are made from, their purpose and the colours that are traditionally used.


On Thursday, we celebrated St. George’s Day. We found out that George wasn’t even born in this country! He was a Roman soldier who refused to obey an order from the Emperor Diocletian to kill Christians. As a result, sadly he lost his own life! Alongside the facts about his life, we discovered that there is a myth about St. George slaying a dragon to save a beautiful princess. We loved this story, especially the part where he battled against the monstrous dragon!

St. George's Day work

Our times table wristband winners this week are…


Rebecca              x2x5x10

Nikola                  x6x9 and x11x12

Bradley P            x6x9

Ellie M                 x6x9

Cory                    x6x9

Keely                   x6x9

Erin                            x11x12

Picture 1

This week’s certificate winner is Billy for returning to school and starting the new term with a mature attitude. A big well done to Billy from us all.

Picture 1

Despite the predicted rain, we hope you enjoy the weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday.


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