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Friday 30th June

Welcome back.

This week has seen a lot of moving about as most of Year 6 have visited their respective high schools. We really are on countdown now with all attention towards producing and getting ready a fitting Leaver's Assembly. To help this, we are asking if a baby or toddler photo of all the children could be brought in to be used in the performance. We promise it will be worth it and they will all be returned. 


Take a look below at some of our Year 6 popstars and divas, knocking out their tunes. 


Bye again,


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Welcome to our website. ........ .Attendance for w/c 26th February 2018... RW 98%, RF 93%, 1W 95%, 1F 97%, 2W 96%, 2F 93%, 2WF 96% 3W 91%, 3F 90%, 4W 100%, 4F 100%, 5W 96%, 5F 93%, 6W 93%, 6F 97% ** ** Congratulations to 4W and 4F for achieving 100% attendance. Well Done!**....