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Friday 30th June 2017

Welcome back to Year 4 blog.  This has been another great week.  We are still busy, busy, busy -but this week, we'd like to share our Friday with you.  

Friday in school was ¬Dress as a Pop Star Day'.  Wow -what a great turnout!  Take a look at how we looked.


On Thursday, after school, Year 4 have been holding an Art and Crafts Club.  We have been busy making some `Official WestFest' merchandise.  We have a whole range of products that will be on sale.  Take a look at how busy we were -we look like we're getting ready for any jobs that Santa may have for `his little helpers'.surprise

Remember -Westfest tickets go on sale next Monday.

Welcome to our website. ........ .Attendance for w/c 5th February 2018... RW 92%, RF 95%, 1W 91%, 1F 95%, 2W 96%, 2F 97%, 2WF 96% 3W 97%, 3F 94%, 4W 94%, 4F 96%, 5W 98%, 5F 92%, 6W 96%, 6F 97% ** ** Congratulations to 5W for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**....