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Friday 3rd October

Friday 3rd October


Hello Everyone,


6W have had an amazing week – full of hard work and fun!


In Literacy, we have been leaning about the features of a ‘balanced argument’ or ‘discussion’ piece of writing. Much fun was had when the class discussed the question – Should primary school children be allowed to bring mobile phones into school? 6w is made up of many children who have strong opinions about this!


In Maths, we have been revising how to add and subtract mentally, and have used Topmarks Maths too support all our fine efforts. Mrs Evans and Mrs Melling have been most impressed indeed. We have also been looking at problem solving, using addition and subtraction to aid our calculations.


Mr Willock was delighted to see most of 6W with their correct PE kits this week – the fitness level of us all is improving, thanks to Mr Willock!


Congratulations to William who became our Star of the Week’ for

Always being willing t give 100% in all that is asked f him.


Finally, we hope that you all have a happy and healthy weekend, ready for the week ahead.


Remember 6w – breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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