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Friday 5th December

Friday 5th December


Hello Everybody,


Yet another hard working week has been had in 6W!


In Maths, we have been looking at perimeters of rectangles and compound shapes ... this can be quite tricky at first. There is now an estimation table in our classroom, and each day each person tries to make an informed estimation about a given object or collection eg How many counters are in the tub? How long is the piece of string? Congratulations to Jack, Blake, Charlotte and Mrs Baker who have all made the nearest estimations so far this week.


In English, we completed a reading test paper ...Phew!. Spelling work, writing assessment, punctuation sheets and Super Sentences have been the order of the day, and much progress has been made. We have very nearly finished our class reading book - Gangsta Granny. Granny and Ben have met The Queen at the Tower of London - very interesting indeed.


Thursday was extremely busy, with two sets of visitors. Childline came and followed up their wonderful assembly last week, with exciting workshops for the whole of the Upper Phase. 

Childline Visits

After break, we visited 6F classroom, where our Victorian Christmas visitors were based. After hearing about different aspects of Christmas during Victorian times, the whole class got to make Christmas crackers!!! Yipppee. The jokes inside the hats were a bit corny, but made us smile. One joke was 'Who goes oh! oh! oh!. The answer - Father Christmas walking backwards! 

Victorian Christmas

Hope you have enjoyed our slide shows.


Sending our best wishes to Connor - we hope you are feeling better soon.


Have a happy, healthy and safe weekend. 


Speak to you all very soon.

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