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Friday 6th February

Friday 6th February


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. It has been another busy week for us all.


Maths - This week has been all about co-ordinates and reflection. We began reading and plotting co-ordinates in the first quadrant. After that, we moved onto using the other three quadrants. This meant reading co-ordinates with negative numbers. This was very tricky but we grasped it really well. A good way to practise co-ordinates at home is by making a treasure map. You can bury treasure somewhere on the island and your opponent can try and guess where it is buried by giving you the co-ordinates.

Later on in the week, we started to look at reflecting shapes in a mirror line. Mrs Walton showed us how to use tracing paper or a mirror to work out where the shape was moving to. We will be looking at this again next week before moving on to translating shapes. (moving them to a new place)


English - We have continued reading more of our class novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. It is very exciting! The Iron Man has plunged off a cliff and broken into many pieces all scattered along the shore. Slowly, the parts are trying to find one and other and put themselves back together.


This week we have been thinking about designing our own Iron Man or Woman. We have drawn a picture and written a description about how it looks and what it can do.


Topic - We have continued to look at our new topic for this half term called EARTH AND SPACE. This week we were set the challenge of designing a moon buggy which needed to protect our astronaut as it landed. We were given an egg to represent the astronaut and the object was to not crack the egg on landing. We worked in teams to design and build a buggy. We were all given the same materials to build with - six straws, two balloons, paper towels, cellotape and string. Four teams were successful and managed to keep the egg intact! Sadly, three of our 'astronauts' were injured on landing!

However, as you can see we all had a CRACKING afternoon and made some EGGSELLENT buggies!


This week in Assembly our CERTIFICATE WINNER was Brandon for smiling his way through a difficult week; his special smile lights up a room! Also, from Miss Workman's class the winner was Morgan for writing and editing a fantastic paragraph about her very own Iron Man.

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Our multiplication wristband winner this week is...


Keelan x3x4

Picture 1

Also, this week Florence has achieved her PLATINUM wristband. What a brilliant achievement. A massive well done for all her hard work on mastering ALL her multiplication and division facts and being able to apply them in maths.

Picture 1

Finally, all that remains is for us to wish you a fantastic weekend and hope to see you all back in school on Monday.


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