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Friday 6th March

Friday 6th March


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. It has been a busy and exciting week especially as it was World Book Day on Thursday.


Maths - This week we have continued looking at fractions. This week we have been looking at finding a fraction of an amount. For example, what is 4/5 of 55?


To solve this problem we employed our DDTT method (divide by the denominator, times by the top number)


55 divided by 5 (the denominator) = 5

5 multiplied by 4 (the top number) = 20


Therefore, 4/5 of 55 are 20!

English – We have begun to look at a new book titled Tuesday, by David Weisner. Amazingly, this book has no words! It has the most spectacular illustrations which help to tell the story. The children have used some of the pictures to help write an opening to the book. They have looked at the first series of pictures which shows some frogs on lily pads.

Tuesday by David Weisner - have look at home!

Topic – We were asked the question Where in the World is Greece?  We used atlases and globes to locate where it was and then marked Greece onto our own map as well as the United Kingdom (where we live). In addition, we discovered that it is in South East Europe and that its capital city is called Athens. Did you know that Greece has an EXTREMELY large number of islands, with estimates ranging from 1,200 to 6,000! Also, Crete is the largest of the Greek islands. 


Picture 1

Our multiplication wristband winners this week were...


Brandon x2x5x10

Ellie S x2x5x10

Nikola x3x4

Ellie M x7x8

Kaylee x7x8

Picture 1

This week, on Thursday, it was WORLD BOOK DAY. Thank you to everyone for their incredible outfits and all the Books in a Bottle that the children brought in. As we have been looking at Tuesday by David Weisner, where there is a invasion of frogs, we have been invaded by frogs here in class! Please enjoy our pictures from the day!

On Friday, we visited the Book Fair to share books with the children in Year 3. We had a fabulous time reading together. Take a look at our pictures...
The Year 5W winner of the BOOK IN A BOTTLE competition was Cory with his fantastic bottle full of clues about the Harry Potter stories. He chose Earth Fall Retribution by Mark Walden as his prize. A big CONGRATULATIONS to Cory from us all.
Picture 1

Each child in school has received a £1 voucher towards the cost of a book £2.99 or more, or they can be used to choose one of the FREE WORLD BOOK DAY titles that are available from most supermarkets and book stores. Alternatively, you can redeem them at the book fair which is open Friday, Monday and Tuesday straight after school.



Our certificate winners this week were Florence for always taking pride in all her work. Her presentation is beautiful. Also, from Miss Workman's class, Bradley D for writing some fantastic sentences about our wordless book this week. Well done! We are all impressed with both of them.
Picture 1
Enjoy the weekend and we will see you back in school on Monday.
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