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Friday 8th May

Friday 8th May


Welcome back to the Year 5W blog. It has been a funny old week with the Bank Holiday and Polling Day off school! However, it has been busy as always.


Maths - This have moved on to a new topic. We have been investigating units of measurement. We have looked at the different way we measure. For example, in everyday life, we would use a ruler to measure length, scales to measure mass and a jug to measure capacity.


English – This week we have looked British Life as it has been quite an eventful week here in Britain! We began the week by looking at the Royal Family following the birth of Princess Charlotte. After that, we have been finding out about the General Election. We have looked closely at each of the main candidates and their Party’s manifesto.  


Topic – We have added handles and painted our Greek vases. Here are some pictures of them being worked on…


For the past three weeks we have had the Health Education team in Year 5 as part of our Keeping Safe lessons. The children have been taught about the smoking and Alcohol Awareness and have done work based around this. For the final lesson they looked at strategies for being assertive. The children wrote scripts about saying no and acted them out in class. We were very impressed with everybody’s mature attitude in all this work.

This week’s certificate winner is Ellie M for having a really settled week and showing she’s starting to get ready for Year 6. A big well done to Ellie from us all.

Picture 1

All that remains is to say we hope you enjoy the weekend and we will see you all on Monday.

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