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Types of Governor

Types of Governors


We have twelve members of our Governing Body and there are four types of governors:

  • Parent Governors; parents or carers of children in the school

  • Local Authority Governor; representatives of the LA, usually but not always councillors

  • Co-opted Governors; interested members of the community which can be individuals or people from local businesses and interest groups; they are chosen based on the needs of the school.

  • Staff Governor; elected from the staff by the staff.

    The Head Teacher is also a Governor of the school.


Name of Governing Body:                Westfield Community School


Governing Body Composition


Type of Governor                            Number  

Community                                         0

Co-opted                                            8                                   


Head Teacher                                    1

Local Authority                                   1

Parent                                                2

Sponsor                                             0

Staff                                                   1


Total                                                  13



Current Governors


Governor Name                                Type of Governor                           Term of Office

Mr Joe Barclay                                    Parent                                              13.02.2015 - 12.02.2019

Mr John Barlow                                   Co-opted                                          17.11.2013 - 16.11.2017

Mr James Booth                                  Co-opted                                          06.10.2015 - 05.10.2019

Mr Mike Faulkner                                Co-opted                                          14.03.2013 - 13.03.2017

Mrs Vicky Knowles                              Co-opted                                          14.03.2013 - 13.03.2017


Mr Jimmy Nicholson                            Co-opted                                          03.12.2015 - 02.12.2019

Mrs Charlotte Redford                         Staff                                                 01.09.2014 - 31.08.2018

Mrs Jean Peet                                     Local Authority                                 24.09.2014 - 23.09.2018

Mrs Lorraine Rayner                           Observer                                           01.04.2010 - 31.03.2050

Ms Diane Rose                                   Co-opted                                           14.03.2013 - 13.03.2017

Mr Tim Sherriff                                    Headteacher                                      01.11.2005 - 31.10.2050

Mr Neil Turner                                     Co-opted                                           14.03.2013 - 13.03.2017

Ms Mary Turton                                   Co-opted                                           13.03.2013 - 12.03.2017


Governors who have left within the last 12 months


Governor Name                                   Term end Date

Rev Denise Hayes                                 31.08.2015

Mr Carl Lawrence                                   13.05.2015





Specific Responsibilties


Chairperson: Mr M. Faulkner
Vice Chairperson: Mrs J.Peet
Clerk: Mrs S. Woods
Headteacher Performance Management Reviews: Mrs J. Peet, Mr M. Faulkner and Mr J. Barclay
Link Governor: Ms M. Turton

Vulnerable Children Governors (including Safeguarding

and Looked After Children):

Mrs V. Knowles and Mr J. Booth
Special Education Needs and Disability Governor: Mrs J. Peet and Ms D. Rose
Health & Safety Governor: Mrs C. Redford
Pupil Premium & Data and Assessment Governor: Mr J. Booth and Mr J. Barclay
Children's Centre Governor: Mr J. Barclay
Equality Champions: Ms D. Rose and Ms M. Turton
Teaching School Governor: Mr M. Faulkner
PE and Sport Governor: Mr J. Booth
English Governor: Mr J. Barlow
Maths Governor: Mr N. Turner
Outdoor Learning Governors: Mrs C Redford and Mr J. Barlow


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