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11th November 2016

Wow, where are the weeks going? The time just seems to be flying by – must be because we are having so much fun! smiley


In English this week, we started a new book ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne and really enjoyed predicting what the world would be like at the end of the tunnel. We then went on to look at the two main characters Rose and Jack, who are very different to each other, and we wrote our own character descriptions using 2A (adjective) sentences and similes. We then all contributed to our class discussion about Rose’s dilemma of should she enter the tunnel or not and gave our reasons.


Lewis even won ‘Pupil of the Week’ in our class for his contribution and went on to be awarded the Lower Key Stage 2 trophy for the week! Well done Lewis! no


We were all really excited to read to the end of the book and find out what was through the tunnel. You could hear a pin drop as everyone listened in anticipation! The book is very clever as it makes links to different fairy tales, so we went on to be detectives and compared the book with fairy tales we know.


Maths this week has been subtracting ones, tens and hundreds from 3- digit numbers. Some of us are really good at this now and can work out the answers in our heads!

Have a go at these …


126 – 4 =

376 – 40 =

472 – 200 =


Now try these which are a bit harder …


146 – 8 =

322 – 70 =     


How did you do? no


In Science, our new topic is all about Rocks. We explored and compared different types of rocks, for example sorting them by size, colour, shape and feel. Have a look at how we did …



After that, we went on to look at the 3 different types of rocks Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic and how they are formed.


Topic has been learning about Stone Age Homes and how they are different from our homes.


PE was great fun for all as we explored ‘Balancing’ and thinking of our own ideas of how to use various parts of our bodies. Have a look at some of our ideas …

Thank you for taking the time to see what we have been doing. We hope you’ll visit our blog again next week.


Have a great weekend!


From Everyone in 3F  smiley