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13th October

This week we have been learning all about Nursery rhymes and preparing ourselves for our Nursery Rhyme assembly next Wednesday.


We have been ordering the song of Humpy Dumpty, thinking about what happened in the beginning and at the end.  This is the starting point for us becoming early readers!


We have also been matching numbers and finding numbers in the environment.  We were very good at finding number 3 because we remember that this is how old we are.


We have made some fabulous props for our assembly on Wednesday.  We have been busy collaging, painting, cutting and sticking to turn our songs into a show!


We also went to the ALPS on Thursday to paint using a different media....MUD!

Mrs Rothwell mixed some mud with water and we all had a paintbrush and paper.  We stuck the paper to the trees and then off we went creating our masterpieces.  Mrs Rothwell has put some of the pictures on our Outdoor Learning Tree in the cloakroom- please take a look.


This weeks Stars of the Day were:

Jayden for making the right choices in the classroom when he was feeling upset

Maisie-Lee for always paying attention and following instructions

Lucas N for being a good friend and sharing our toys

Evan for making an amazing junk model of an aeroplane and Callum for always doing the right thing no matter what!  


We hope to see you all at our Nursery Rhyme assembly on Wednesday at 9.15am

Have a lovely weekend