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14th October 2016


Friday 14th October


Hello and welcome back to our 3F class blog.

WOW, where did this week go? The weeks seem to be just flying by!

In English this week, we have continued to enjoy our class book ‘The Pirate Code’. The children have been finding adjectives and similes in a character description of Captain Greenbeard, then subsequently designed ‘WANTED’ posters with great descriptions of Greenbeard to catch this mean, selfish pirate! We have also been learning about the features of ‘Instructions’, for example the importance of ordering them correctly using time connectives, making them short and concise and using command language with ‘bossy’ verbs! The children have written some super instructions of how to find the hidden pirate treasure.

The Book Fair has been into school this week and we had great fun doing paired reading with the children from Year 6. A very big thank you to them all.






In some of our reading groups, the children have been working hard at the skill of ‘skimming and scanning’ the text to find answers to key questions. Please keep reading every day at home as ‘little and often’ really does make an important difference to a child’s reading. As the children read it would be a huge help if you could ask them questions about it, for example get them to tell you about what they have read and make predictions about what will come next.


In Maths, we have been doing ‘Addition’, including adding a one-digit to a three-digit number and adding multiples of ten to a three-digit number. It would be fantastic if you could practise more of this with the children at home, for example:

  • 126 + 3 =
  • 224 + 8 =
  • 176 + 20 =
  • 285 + 80 =

Please can we ask for your support to work on Times Tables with the children as this is a major focus in our class. The children need to know the answers out of order and also be able to say the inverse, for example:

6 x 2 = 12                               12 shared by 2 = 6

12 x 2 = 24                              24 shared by 2 = 12


The children have been busy designing their own PowerPoint about one of the seven wonders of the world. It would be great if they could research on the internet about their chosen place so they are including as many facts as they can into their work.


In DT, our photo frames are now finished and we have evaluated them, thinking about what went well, what we found difficult and how we would improve them. See what you think …




Hope you liked them!


Yesterday, we had our NSPCC assembly in which we were learning about how to stay safe.


Anyway, that’s just a small taster of some of the many fun things we have been doing in school this week. We hope you all have a lovely week and visit our blog again next Friday to see what we have been up to!