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15th December

Welcome to Year 3 blog…….

Topic- Last Friday we went into the corridor and on a large roll of paper both classes created Stone Age cave paintings. All the children produced some very imaginative chalk pictures and had lots of the fun in the process.

English- This week the children have planned and produced a paragraphed story about The Snowman. They tried hard to use similes and adjectives in their writing.

Topic- This week the children created a restaurant menu

For a Stone Age restaurant. They created meals such as: -

“juicy, peppery mushrooms on a bed of wild garlic picked from the forest”

“slices of tender woolly mammoth, serve with sweet, mouth-watering purple carrots”

“sweet, sticky honey with a topping of crushed nuts”

Next week we have lots of exciting activities panned, our party on Monday afternoon and a trip to the cinema on Tuesday morning.

Have a great weekend

Love from all the staff in Year 3