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15th November

This week we have been focussing upon shapes.


We learned about a different shape every day of the week and explored shapes in the continuous provision.


We now know the names circle, square, rectangle and triangle and can identify shapes in the classroom.



The children went on a shape hunt and Mandy was amazed at how perceptive they were in finding similar shapes 
exploring with geo pattern shapes in the provision

Using lollipop sticks to make shapes

Ava-Mae's Mummy made from shapes
A wonderful rocket
Exploring 2d shapes
Using playdough to make shapes
Practising scissor skills to cut the shapes
Drawing BIG shapes
We have also marked two events this week in pre-school.  Firstly, the children leanred about Remembrance Day and created poppies to say Thank you to the soldiers and then on Friday we wore our own clothes to raise money for Children In Need.  Thank you for your donations, our class raised £21.45.

And finally, we welcomed another pre-schooler into the number 4 club!

Happy Birthday

See you all next week
*** All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 inclusive are expected to return to school on Wednesday 2nd September. We look forward to seeing you. ***