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16th February 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 


After lots of discussions about how to stay safe on the Internet, we have made some promises about what we will do to stay safe. We wrote these pledges on a jigsaw puzzle and together we have created a display of our promises. 

The promises include- 

- never giving out personal information 

- use kind words

-telling grown ups what sites we are going on 


Take a look at our display. 

safer internet day



In science our topic is materials. We have been learning about the properties of materials and their suitability. 

We planned and conducted a science investigation. Our question was 'which material would be best for Little Red Riding Hood's cape to keep her dry?' 

We chose our materials to use


-cotton t-shirt


-cotton towel 

Here we conducting our investigation. 



During this term we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. After finding out about the events and the facts from the fire, the children wrote a diary entry (pretending that they were there at the time of the fire).