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16th March

This week we have been learning all about the story 'Oliver's vegetables'.


We have been exploring onions, celery, potatoes, green beans, beetroot, carrots and peas.  WE have been thinking about where vegetables come from and what they need to grow.


We have loved using the knives to cut the vegetables and use all of our senses to explore them.  In fact, Lucas P loved it so much he went home and made a vegetable soup with his Mum.  She says we have created a mini chef!  Well done Lucas for continuing your learning at home!

We have also been sorting vegetables and other foods discussing if it is or isn't a vegetable and beginning to understand that vegetables are healthy food that are good for us
We have drawn and written about our favourite vegetables.  Carrots were a very popular option followed closely by potatoes.  Jayden realised that chips are made from potatoes which are basically a vegetable, so chips are vegetables!  He likes chips and gravy.....that is his favourite.  We do not have a lot of photographs of the children's writing, but it is on display in our classroom, please come and have a look!
We pretended to make carrot soup in the water tray this week.  We had real carrots and toy carrots and counted in how many carrots we were using in the soup.  We had to share the carrots and make sure that our friends had enough to make their pretend soup too.

But then on Thursday we made REAL soup.

We made pea soup just like Oliver did with his Grandad in the story.  We chopped up the vegetables we needed, put in the water and cooked it.

After dinner, we had it for our afternoon snack with a slice of bread that we buttered all by ourselves.  We are so independent!


Next week we are going to be following Oliver into another book called 'Oliver's Fruit Salad'  

Its going to be another interesting week!