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16th October

This week we have been learning all about Autumn.


We have looked at the changes in the outdoor environment and are very lucky to have two huge trees nearby our playground.  We have seen the leaves falling from the trees and have been able to collect them to play with and create with.


The children were given a small brown paper bag to go and collect Autumnal treasures in.  We had a fabulous response from parents collecting these with the children.  It was such a nice experience to hear about where you collected your leaves/ conkers/ acorns from.  The children then used their treasures to make a collage.

We also used some of the conkers that had been collected to conker roll in paint!  It was so much fun watching the conkers slip and slide through the paint to make a picture.
We used some of the resources we had collected to make Autumnal collages in the continuous provision
And we played with them in the mud kitchen....
We also talked about the different things we see in Autumn.  We looked at this powerpoint as a group and discussed our experiences of Autumn so far.
We also celebrated another birthday this week.  Welcome to the Number 4 club!

Next week we will be learning all about a witch called Winnie and her pet cat Wilbur.


Have a lovely weekend