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17th January

Welcome to a new year everybody.  We know that 2020 is going to be a fun filled year for you all.


This year we will start BIG school and all of the grown ups in Nursery have been working very hard with us to help us along our way towards this.


The classroom has changed around a little bit since Christmas so that we can start to work in groups at activity time and develop new skills in the continuous provision.


We have really enjoyed having the water tray in the classroom

We have observed lots of social interactions her and enjoyed watching the children begin to share the resources and work together towards a shared goal
We have been working in the provision to develop our fine motor skills to help us when we begin writing
We have had a few children join the number 4 club also!
Happy Birthday to you all

Next week we will be learning all about Chinese New Year.  This will be celebrated across the world on Friday 25th January.  We will be showing the children video clips of previous celebrations, finding out what their Chinese zodiac sign is and attempting to write their name and numbers in Chinese.


We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you next week