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17th November

Welcome back!


It has been another busy week in Y2WF this week!  It has been Anti bullying week and so we thought about how we are all different, but all equal. We also thought about how if we work together we are strong against bullies and can help to stop it happening.

In English we have been reading a new story called 'Superworm' about a worm who can stretch and bend to rescue his friends. Superwork gets kidnapped by the wicked wizard newt and needs his friends to come and rescue him. We decided to write our own descriptions to help his friends find him. 


In Maths we have been working with money this week. We have been making different amounts of money and identifying different coins. We have also been solving money problems and finding how many different ways we could make £2.


In Science we have been looking at habitats - next week we will be off to the ALPS to look at the micro habitats of different insects so we might need our wellies.


We have had lots of fun today wearing our own clothes to support Children in Need and wearing our odd socks to support Anti Bullying Week. Thank you to all the parents who kindly donated towards this!