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18th January

Wow, what a week! We have been none stop from start to finish! We're glad the weekend is here!



This week we have been focusing on our own myths. We have created our very own mythical beast, hero and magical item! From this, we planned our own myth, following the story path of Kuang-Li. Towards the end of the week, we put pen to paper and wrote part 1.



This week has been all about multiplication. We used our knowledge of the 3,4 & 8 times tables to write multiplication and division facts. Then we started to multiply a multiple of 10 by a single digit number. Give it a go:






How did you get on?



This week in Science we were experimenting with torches. We asked the question what happens when a solid object blocks the light and why does this happen? 


We worked out that light travels in straight lines, therefore when a solid object blocks the light a shadow is formed. 


We then discovered how to make our shadows bigger and smaller. 

One scientific mind asked 'why are some shadows darker than others?' 

Check back next week, to see if we got to a conclusion, and can answer this question.



We took our archeological dig to the next level. We used the laptops and information books to conduct research on the artefacts found last week. It was very intriguing.



We continued to use the Scratch software. This week we created a code, that meant our 'sprite' would ask us a series of questions, and depending on the answer we provide, the 'sprite' will provide us with a different response.



This week we learnt how to perform different balances, using different parts of our body. We also learnt a number of rolls (forward roll from crouched, forward roll from standing and tucked backward roll), whilst recapping on rolls we have learnt in previous year. We are really on a roll with our gymnastics skills! 


A 'roll', get it? Oh never mind!


Have a great weekend!


The Year 3 Team