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18th May

This week in pre school we have been learning all about the Very Hungry Caterpillar.


On Monday we read the story and made hungry caterpillars on the creative table

On Tuesday we wrote about the foods the hungry caterpillar ate
On Wednesday we splat painted wings for the butterfly
Yes they are stockings......filled with wet cotton wool balls!  What fun!
On Thursday we fed the hungry caterpillar our amazing writing!
On Friday we made caterpillar patterns



So next week we will be continuing learning about the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  


To make our learning 'real', we have also become proud owners of 5 baby caterpillars.  We are going to watch them grow, go into their chrysalis and emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies.  Please keep an eye on this blog to watch the transformation.



On Friday we had a street party and played party games in celebration of the Royal Wedding.  We had a lovely day and thank you so much to all of the parents for joining in the red, white and blue theme!

We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine