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18th November 2016

Welcome back to our 3F Class blog, we hope you have had a good week!


Our class ‘Pupil of the Week’ was Jack for his super subtractions, always doing his best and making outstanding progress. He impressed everyone so much that he also won the Lower Key Stage 2 trophy! Fantastic Jack!


In English, we have been learning about Prefixes and Suffixes, adding them to words to create new words and changing their meaning. We now know that most prefixes are added to the beginning of root words without any changes to spellings. Look at some of the examples we used below:




Root word

Prefix + Root word












We know that dis means ‘opposite’ or ‘not’, mis means ‘wrong’ and un means ‘not’.

Suffixes go on the end of words to change the meaning of words. Have a look at Ella’s super work below to see how good we were at this.



We gave ourselves a big pat on the back as we worked really hard on this as it can be tricky! Well done to us!no

On Friday we started to think about word families and will be doing more on this, so watch this space!


We also wanted to say a huge well done to some of our children who are reading every day at home as they are becoming amazing readers. A special mention to Ella, George, Tia and Megan - Keep up the great work!smiley

In Maths, we have continued with subtracting ones, tens and hundreds and are now working on using the expanded method of column subtraction. Some of us are becoming real whizzes at this and can even regroup our ones and tens.

Have a look at Jessica’s super work! smiley

We loved having a go on the big class whiteboard!

To highlight just a few other things, this week has been ‘Antibullying Week’ and we have thought really carefully about what bullying is. One of the activities we went on to do was to think about how different words make us feel and how we always need to ‘Think before we speak’. We compared how we feel after unkind words and kind words and how important it is to RESPECT OTHERS.


In Computing, we have enjoyed working in pairs researching about The Stone Age, gathering key information to make our green screen, a special effect film technique.


In Science, we investigated ‘Rocks’ looking at their permeability, durability and buoyancy and had great fun predicting, testing and thinking about what we found out.


‚ÄčToday is 'Children in Need' and we all dressed in our own clothes or spotty to raise money for this well deserved charity.

That’s just a little of what we are doing in class. We hope you visit our blog again next week for much more.



Have a lovely weekend,


From All in Class 3F smiley