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18th September

This week the children have stayed for their full sessions.  They have settled in well and are getting used to the routine.  


We have painted our hands for our 'Kind Hands' display and most children have had their first attempt at copying the letters from their name.  They will do this again at Christmas, Easter and the end of the year.  It will be a big surprise for you to see the progress they have made with this during their time in pre-school!


The children now find their name every morning and afternoon with help from a grown up.  Ask your child what colour their name is.  We then find the matching colour on the class rainbow.


Next week we will begin our Star if The Day award.  Each day, a child who has been a good friend or worked hard in the classroom will receive a certificate and a small prize from the prize box.  We then place their photograph on the Star Of the Day board.  If your child has received Star of the Day this means that each adult in the room has been very impressed with them!


Your child's photograph has also been placed on our birthday balloons this week.  We are currently on the green balloon which is September.  We reference the balloons quite a lot throughout our pre-school journey, calling the months by the colour of the balloon.  The children can see the year and when their birthday is.


Next week, we will begin learning about 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  We will learn about size, repeating words in the story and what happened first, next and last in the storybook.


Here is a snapshot of our week