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19th January

Hello everyone

Maths- This week we have been using the dienes equipment to calculate a two-digit number x a one-digit number and then to move away from actually using the equipment but to draw it to help us solve the calculation.

Next week we shall be moving onto a 3-digit number x a one-digit number.

French- The children really enjoy these sessions and know lots of command words, days of the week, colours and love to hear the French version of the story The Gingerbread Man.

Topic- This week we have been learning about the Roman Army, how organised and disciplined it was plus the armour worn by the Roman Soldiers.

Next week we will be studying a book in English Vesuvius Poovius by Chris Mould and Kes Gray. We are sure the children are going to enjoy this.

Have a good weekend

From all the staff in Year 3