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1st December

Welcome back to our blog

English- We continued reading and enjoying the book “Ug,” the children did some writing about the inventions Ug wanted to make. Inventions such as trousers from woolly mammoth skin, a boat that would float and a football out of a softer material than rock.

The children then chose a scene from the book and with a partner acted it out and then did a freeze frame for the camera.

Maths- This week we have been studying units of length. All the teachers were so proud of how quickly and accurately they learned how to convert centimetres to metres and metres to centimetres.

Well done to Year 3W as we gained yet another ribbon for our attendance star. I realise there are plenty of viruses at this time of year but we still need your support with our continued good attendance……. Thank you

Have a good weekend

From all Year 3 staff