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20th January 2017

Hello and welcome to our Class Blog.


WOW …yet another busy week for us all in 3F!smiley


Well done to our class ‘Pupil of the Week’ Laycie, for being an outstanding role model, always enthusiastic to learn, always trying her best and thinking of others. She is a real asset to our class.smiley


A very special, well deserved mention also goes to Bobby-Joe who has received our class Respect certificate. smiley


In English, we have worked really hard on writing our own newspaper article reporting on Goldilock’s vandalising the three Bear’s cottage. We carefully thought about the features of a newspaper and  made sure that we included the '5Ws and 1H' – Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? Our heading had to be eye catching and we used pictures with captions. We think we have some budding journalists in our class – Well done!no

Later in the week, we moved on to look at other non-fiction texts and identified the main features of non-fiction. We pretended to be librarians who needed to sort out lots of books into non-fiction or fiction and used post-its to label the features we had based our decisions on. Have a look how we got on ... 

Today we used non-fiction books to write questions for our partners to answer.

This week in our reading groups, we have continued to enjoy our ‘Bones’ book. We predicted what we thought each section would be about before reading it, clarified words we weren’t sure about, asked questions to help us understand what we had read and then summarised the main points. It would be super if you could do this at home when you read together, as it’s a great way of helping your child to understand what they are reading. We are doing this with each book we read together in school.

Well done again to those children in our class who are reading every day at home as they are becoming amazing readers. Keep up the great work! Please can we ask that you all do this as it makes a huge difference to the progress your child


In Maths, we have been doing division by sharing and grouping. Some of us are real whizzes at this!

Our new Science topic is Light and we learnt about natural and artificial (man-made) light sources. Some great discussions took place as we sorted a variety of light sources into these categories.

In our Roman’s topic last week, we learnt about the Roman invasion, so this week in Art we designed and made Roman shields. Did you know that the designs signified what Roman legion the soldiers belonged to? Have a look at some of our creations below …

Our 3F Roman Legion …Do we look mean?!sad

We then went on to look at Roman roads, for example thinking about why the Romans thought that the roads needed to be improved in Britain and how they built them. We even watched a video showing how they would have been made.


Music this term is learning the Samba drums. Wow, what a LOUD, amazing, rhythmic sound! You will be so impressed when we perform to you later on this term. smiley


In PE we are developing our ball skills through Basketball. Today we practised the skill of dribbling and had to carefully control our ball. Have a look at how we got on below …

Can we please remind you that your child’s PE kit needs to be in school each day and ask that all kits are brought in by next Thursday ready for Friday.


This week we have sent home a copy of your child’s ‘Progress Chat’ from last term. This is for you to keep at home so that you know what your child’s target is for this term for them to make progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. Many thanks for your continued support with these.


Have a lovely weekend and take care,


From All of 3F smiley